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Rosa 'Buff Beauty' (Hybrid Musk Rose) Special Offer

Rosa 'Buff Beauty' (Hybrid Musk Rose)


Order for Delivery within 14 days

Order for Delivery within 14 days

  • Common Name: Hybrid Musk Rose
  • Position: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Flowers: June to November
  • Flower Colour: Yellow
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Habit: Deciduous shrub
  • Height & Spread: 150cm × 150cm
This is the most widely grown of the hubrid musks.  The flowers are variable in their colour: apricot-yellow, soft orange, honey and above all a rich buff.  Its colour is deeper in shade or in cooler weather (especially in autumn), and tends to fade to cream in hot, sunny weather.  The flowers are fully double and held in loose clusters that cut well; they also tend to be larger in autumn.  The plant has a lax habit of growth, and is often trained up as a climber in hot areas.  In cool climates, it eventually turns into a broad shrub with long, arching, flexible stems.

Its leaves are large, dark green (red when young), and healthy, and it makes a vigorous and easy-to-grow plant.  Its flowers come in a series of flushes, with a particularly large one in early autumn but continuing to early winter in milder climates.

All the roses we sell have been field grown and lifted when the conditions are at their best. If ordering potted roses, as the plants will not start to put on any more root growth until the spring, please do not be surprised to find the compost fall away from the roots when you take the plant out of its pot. We use a high quality compost so you can incorporate this when you plant your rose.

Rosa 'Buff Beauty' (HM) RHS Award of Garden Merit

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