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Rosa Climbing Étoile de Hollande Special Offer

Rosa Climbing Étoile de Hollande


Order for Delivery within 14 days

Order for Delivery within 14 days

  • Common Name: Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Flowers: June to July
  • Flower Colour: Red
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Habit: Deciduous shrub
  • Height & Spread: 350cm × 250cm
There are comparatively few examples of a bush rose producing a climbing sport that is more popular than the original: climbing sports have to compete against 'real' climbing roses.  But Étoile de Hollande is a case in point.  The bush form was a popular bedding rose in the 1920s and 1930s, and indeed is still quite widely grown, but it cannot match its climbing sport for worldwide popularity today.  Étoile de hollande has slender, not-too-double, loosely petalled flowers, which are a rich, velvety crimson and intensely fragrant.  It is a moderate bush of moderate vigour, and seldom reaches more than 1m, even in hot climates.  The flowers come singly or in small clusters of 2-5 on slightly drooping stems.  They open quickly and repeat well.

Climbing Étoile de Hollande has the same flowers ( but slightly larger) and the same powerful scent, but is very impressive when covered in crimson clusters during its first , most exuberant flowering.  Climbing Étoile de Hollande is also a good repeater: an established plant will produce a few flowers continuously here and there until winter sets in.  It is a lanky, prickly, erect grower, which means that it benefits from being taken down in winter and trained sideways to break into flower along its length.  This also produces more leaves: both the bush and the climber are sparsely foliaged, though such leaves as they have are large.  The gawkiness and vigorous climbing form can be softened by companion planting-clematis are the usual complement.

All the roses we sell have been field grown and lifted when the conditions are at their best. If ordering potted roses, as the plants will not start to put on any more root growth until the spring, please do not be surprised to find the compost fall away from the roots when you take the plant out of its pot. We use a high quality compost so you can incorporate this when you plant your rose.

Rosa 'Climbing Étoile de Hollande' (ClHT) RHS Award of Garden Merit

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