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Chelsea 2020!

Yes really! This might be the last thing on most people’s minds at the moment, but Chelsea 2020 is very much on ours!

Submissions for gardens were submitted to the RHS selection panel at the end of June, and all of the potential designers are now anxiously awaiting the RHS’s decision as to “who’s in” and “who’s out”.

We currently have been asked to grow for 10 potential gardens, but when the selection process has finished, we will probably be left with around 6 projects that make it through to the next and most exciting stage, when we can actually start discussing plants. Then the process of sourcing and growing can begin.


In preparation for this, nursery manager Matt and his team are working their way through the nursery, consolidating stock and preparing space in the outdoor growing areas and tunnels ready for the many thousands of plants that will be potted over the coming months. It’s quite a task, and it marks the end of one growing year and the start of a new one. Where ever possible, old stock is either split, or is potted on into larger pots to give even larger specimen plants. Some plants may be potted up because we will take a punt at guessing that “someone” will want them for their Chelsea garden. For example, Aquilegias, Geraniums, Geums and Lupins, are all plants that perform well and will almost certainly appear on the list of at least one of our designers.


For the nursery, the growing year begins in September. This is when it is at its most empty, and we begin to embark on gardens for the following year’s Chelsea Flower Show, as well as other hi-end commercial projects. It’s a busy time, and we will be bringing you regular updates over the coming weeks and months. 


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