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Kelways Guide to Abelias


Abelias come in both evergreen and deciduous forms and are very deservedly popular shrubs, ideal for a sunny, sheltered border. They produce flowers over a long period, often scented.

What types of Abelia are there?

Abelia chinensis

This species has ovate, dark green leaves and a spreading habit. It produces a succession of fragrant white flowers, tinged pink from summer into autumn.

Abelia floribunda

This produces bright cerise-pink pendulous flowers in early summer and can ultimately grow to 3.5m against a sunny wall. For pruning this species only requires a light pruning of the tips in spring.

Abelia x grandiflora

These hybrids come in all manner of forms including bright, variegated cultivars. When mature, they can be pruned back hard in spring to 60-90cm to encourage vigorous new growth and flowers.

Abelia parvifolia (syn. Abelia schumanii)

Scented, funnel-shaped flowers on arching branches from late summer into autumn. Evern after flowering has finished, the calyces remain on the plant and become a feature in their own right. This species is more erect and less spreading than most Abelias.

Abelias are fortunate in that there are no real pests or diseases which seem to affect them, though regular pruning in spring will help prevent the plant from becoming overly leggy.

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