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Big D's Best Peonies for Different Gardens


Not Sure Which Peony is Right For You?

I'm frequently asked which are my favourite peonies of all the many hundred that we grow.

I'm also asked to suggest the most suitable peonies for a beginner, an exposed garden, a shady border, or a selection of peonies to give the longest possible period of interest. Even Mr Titchmarsh himself, called me over for a chat at Chelsea this year to discuss his peonies!

Here is a selection of my recommendations.


Dave Root's Most Favourite Peonies

This is my current top 10 peonies. Chosen for various reasons, but all of them are sensational and garden worthy.

  • Picture of a Pink Bowl of Beauty Peony flower
    Bowl of Beauty

    Really reliable and rewarding, a feel-good peony.

  • Picture of a dark red Buckeye Belle peony flower
    Buckeye Belle

    Stunning colour, robust habit, great personality.

  • Picture of a White Claire de Lune peony flower
    Claire de Lune

    Unique colour, long lasting blooms.

  • Picture of a pink coral sunset peony flower
    Coral Sunset

    Huge flowers that perform a spectacular colour transformation.

  • Picture of a large white Kelways Glorious Peony flower
    Kelways Glorious

    Perhaps the best ever peony, huge white double flowers.

  • Picture of a bright pink Kansas peony flower

    Marvellous colour, you can spot this one a mile off. Really spectacular and robust.

  • Picture of a krinkled white peony flower
    Krinkled White

    Beautiful foliage, topped by the butterfly wing like flowers.

  • Picture of a white Late windflower peony flower
    Late Windflower

    Sublime elegance, beautiful white blooms with feathery foliage.

  • Picture of a rich purple 'peter brand' peony flower
    Peter Brand

    Such a rich colour, dark foliage and a rich spicy scent.

  • picture of a frilly white 'Shirley Temple' peony flower
    Shirley Temple

    Blowsy and over the top, but incredibly robust and sturdy weather resistent blooms.


Beginner's Top 10 Peonies

This is selection, of easily grown, reliable and rewarding peonies, that are perfect for a first foray into these wonderful garden plants.

  • Picture of a pink bowl of beauty peony flower
    Bowl of Beauty

    So easy to grow and very free flowering

  • picture of a dark red buckeye belle peony flower
    Buckeye Belle

    Robust, long lasting flowers. Used in many chelsea gardens, so must be good!

  • picture of a bright pink coral charm peony flower
    Coral Charm

    Amazing colouring transforming peony, yet easily grown and free flowering

  • Picture of a large pink peony called the doctor alexander fleming
    Dr Alexander Fleming

    Wonderful blooms for cutting, yet not too tall growing

  • picture of a rich pink inspecteur lavergne peony flower
    Inspecteur Lavergne

    Lovely deep colour, blooms freely as a young plant

  • picture of a large, pink kansas peony flower

    Free flowering, easy to grow, large blooms for cutting

  • Picture of a frilly white Mother's choice peony flower
    Mother's Choice

    Incredibly beautiful flowers, with a robust weather resistant habit

  • A picture of an apple blossom pink 'reine hortense' peony flower
    Reine Hortense

    Apple blossom pink, gorgeous, sturdy habit

  • picture of a large pink and white shirley temple peony flower
    Shirley Temple

    Impressive in every way, big fragrant flowers, beautiful shades of blush pink and white

  • picture of a 'white wings' peony flower
    White Wings

    Sophisticated elegance, white single flowers, compliments anything


Peonies to Extend the Flowering Season

This selection chooses those peonies which flower particularly early, or particulary late, which are ideal for extending the season of peony flowering. By carefully choosing, it is easy to have peonies in flower from the middle of April until the end of June, especially if your selection includes some of the glamorous and sophisticated Tree Peonies, and the exciting Intersectional Hybrids.


Peonies for an Exposed Garden

This is a selection of great garden peonies which are either shorter growing, or have particularly robust habits and stems that would not normally need staking, even in an exposed garden. I am making no promises if you live on the top of the Pennines, or beside the sea!, but these are generally the best

  • An image of the Angel Cheeks Peony, a large pale pink flower
    Angel Cheeks

    Large blooms but short in height

  • A picture of the Buckeye Belle Peony, a spectacular, deep red flower
    Buckeye Belle

    Really robust habit, and spectacular flowers

  • A picture of the duchesse de nemours, a classic white flower
    Duchesse de Nemours

    Short flowering, and the classic white peony

  • An image of the Honey Gold peony, a tall white flower
    Honey Gold

    Quite tall, but very robust. A stunning flower great for cutting

  • A picture of the Jan Van Leeuwen peony, a white Japanese style flower
    Jan van Leeuwen

    Simple white flowers, and a really robust constitution, and so beautiful

  • A picture of the Krinkled White peony, a white flower with crinkled edges
    Krinkled White

    Shorter flowering, the delightful flowers withstand the rain so well

  • An image of the Marie Lemoine peony, a shorter lemon white flower
    Marie Lemoine

    Shorter, lemon white with lovely scent

  • A picture of the Noemi Demay, a small peony with pale pink flowers
    Noemi Demay

    A little gem with gorgeous pale pink flowers

  • A picture of the Nymphe peony,a delightfully pink flower

    Delightfully pink! Robust shorter habit

  • An image of the Shirley Temple peony, a big white flower
    Shirley Temple

    Ticks all the boxes!, big blowsy flowers, yet such a robust and sturdy habit


The Peony Connoisseurs Selection

Some of the most awesome and spectacular of all the classic peonies. Some are quite tall and will need staking, and others may take a few years to show their largest flowers, but these are plants to treasure.

  • An image of the bowl of cream peony, an exceptional quality white flower
    Bowl of Cream

    Exceptional quality of flower

  • An image of the Crimson Velvet peony, a tall exotic pink flower
    Crimson Velvet

    Very tall straight habit, with the most majestic of exotic flowers

  • An image of the Edith Cavell peony, a historic, white flower
    Edith Cavell

    Of great historic value, yet innocently beautiful

  • an image of the globe of light peony, a pale pink coloured flower
    Globe of Light

    A great pomp and circumstance peony of marevellous constitution

  • an image of the Intituteur Dorait peony, a tall flower with a rare tint
    Instituteur Dorait

    One of the tallest, yet very strong, remarkable flowers of a rare tint

  • A picture of the James Kelway peony, a unique cream coloured flower
    James Kelway

    Unique shape, form, habit, can be a bit of a handful to manage, but wow!

  • an image of the Jeanne d'arc peony, a classic French pale coloured flower
    Jeanne D'Arc

    One of the the most dreamy wonderful classic peonies ever

  • A picture of le Cynge, a classic french white peony
    Le Cynge

    A classic french white, of stunning habit and form

  • A picture of the Monsieur Martin Cahuzac peony, a rich dark coloured flower
    Monsieur Martin Cahuzac

    Dark and enticing with a rich scent

  • An image of the moonrise peony, a yellow coloured hybrid flower

    A new breed of hybrids of the most beautiful yellow